Natalie on the Jurmala beach in Latvia

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Hey hey,

I am so happy you stopped by! I am Natalie Korantemaa. The name Natalie was given to me by my parents. I was named Korantemaa many years after my birth by a man who holds a special place in my heart. Korantemaa is a local Ghanaian name and I treasure it at least as much as my German name. Some part of your identity is given to you at birth, the other part is shaped throughout your lifetime.

Seeing how life unfolds differently, depending on where you find yourself, led me to taking notes about what I see, experience and feel. I used to want to keep up with the blogging world, the fancy products, the nice places. I wanted to promote a lifestyle and with that, enlighten my life. But nowadays, I simply want to capture my thoughts about my life with and in between cultures in short essays and stories.

Stay for a while. I hope you won’t leave without taking a little something with you. A smile, a thought, an inspiration.

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