Crete, a lovely Greek island

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It has been many years that I spent one whole relaxing week on the beach. I enjoyed this vacation in the Hapimag resort on a private beach in Damnoni, the southern part of Crete, so much! It was filled with lots of beach time, some refreshing hops it the wonderful pool, a good amount of ice-cream and quite some delicious food.

Ice cream cone on the beach in Crete

Hapimag Hotel in Damnoni Crete with pool right by the sea

Must-do on Crete: Elafonisi

But since I have a hard time sitting still and doing nothing, I also went out to explore the island a little bit. The drive is long and very exhausting, up and down steep mountains, but Elafonisi is definitely worth the drive: it’s a paradise on earth. Make very sure that you do not stay in the front art (where you will be sitting shoulder by shoulder with endless tourists). Walk all the way back to the dunes, walk through the dunes and you will be offered a beautiful and quiet spot, where you can enjoy the breathtaking scenery, relax, and scuba dive in the crystal clear waters looking for colorful fishes.

Elafonisi beach on Crete with clear blue water

Visiting the big cities of Crete

Make sure to slender through Chania‘s streets, you will not be disappointed! I absolutely loved this city. The harbor makes for a beautiful walk with all it’s old architecture and lovely colors. If you are a coffee lover, go to KROSS Coffee Works, they are a great third wave café with the best coffee from around the world! To Stachi, very close to the harbor, made my vegan loving tummy a happy one – definitely a very recommendable vegetarian, bio and slow food restaurant with great vegan options!

When on the mission to find the best coffee on the island, you go to all the third wave coffee places. Luckily (or unfortunately?), there was only one more: in Rethymno. I must say that the city itself was not my favorite. It is so packed with tourists that push each other through the small allies. But Brew Your Mind is worth a visit. It’s a nice, calm and good coffee place, also offering yummy snacks.

If you fly out of Heraklion, like I did, you can easily take a bus into the very close-by city center. You can store your luggage at the airport and hop onto a city bus (hint: finding the right bus line from the city center back to the airport was a little challenge). The pretty old harbor and architecture in the city was very similar to Chania and Rethymno. But you can go on a walk through the city (most city guides show you different options for walking routes) and just enjoy a lovely afternoon. Let’s hope you visit Heraklion at a time when it is not so hot – I recall getting rest in a shaded place as a hard task.

Natalie drinking third wave coffee in Chania, Crete

The old harbor in Chania on Crete

Natalie standing on wall by the harbor in Chania on Crete

Mountain range on Crete

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