University, here I come again

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A black Sandqvist backpack with two law books right next to it

I’ve been talking about it for quite a while now and I even mentioned it in my Goodbye August post: 3 years after graduating with a Bachelor’s degree, I am going back. Back to University.

How it happened

After graduating with a degree in Social Management, I made the conscious decision to not just go ahead with a Master’s degree. I was really happy to be done with studies. I didn’t even know what to do with my degree, less did I know which Masters would be the best for me. In the last semesters of my undergraduate studies, I had to focus really hard on just finishing it up. I started to not liking the idea of going to University and achieving one degree after another. Yes, it was a long few months until the graduation celebrations. Up to now, I still don’t know how I managed graduating as the best student of all social studies…

Once I was done with College, (with a lot of detours) I decided to follow my heart and the development work instead of making the wishes and hopes of my friends and family come true, such as starting my career, getting a “good” job or even continuing my studies…

Beginning of this year, I heard about a very interesting Master’s program when I interviewed Linda for one of the start-ups I worked at. I researched a lot and asked many questions. I thought about it for months. And then, right before the deadline, I managed to turn in all my application documents.

International Human Rights and Humanitarian Law

Letter of the University with the logo from

Like the British would say “It’s like chalk and cheese”. Don’t the studies fit perfectly to me? I think so. At least my heart thinks so.

I guess I can say that people were actually surprised about the decision. My dad didn’t even know how to handle the fact that the Master’s program is a law program. So now I am going back to University to study something that didn’t even pay me over the last few years. Why? Because it sounds so interesting. It deals with topics that are not just interesting, but that will also improve my skills and that motivate myself even more for the work as development worker.

Looking for a career at UNICEF, GIZ and other institutions like that? I don’t know. At least that’s not the goal for now. My goal is simply to learn more about the impressive work as Humanitarian Worker and hopefully it will have a good influence on the work I do in that area. Even if I continue working with very small and local projects in developing countries.

I am thrilled about October. Even if I have to commute to Frankfurt Oder to Europa-Universität Viadrina for a few weeks each semester. It will be an exciting adventure! 🙂

Why even study?

Many weeks ago I came across the very good website of Anti-Uni. Ben talks about his life as a University quitter and motivates people with his articles. Ben and I have quite a few things in common. I’ve also been interested in elite Universities (at least until after one Open House I attended), I am also Generation Y, a digital nomad and an always improving minimalist. I liked Ben right from the beginning. His article about the creativity of making a living with your passion inspired me a lot (German article only). I want to make a living with my passion. But in my case, this doesn’t mean that University is not an option.

Quite the contrary. I learn much better if I have to. Philipp goes to the public library and gets one textbook after another to learn more about his profession. I can’t do this. I have to go somewhere, meet interesting people, get inspired by someone who is doing the work I want to do. I love networking and I can’t wait to see what kind of people who are interested in Humanitarian Work I will get to connect with. People that I wouldn’t just run into in the public library.

My bag is packed. I am ready. Ready for even more information about the topic. Ready for following my passion. Ready for following my heart one step further.  

Black backpack packed with notebook, laptop and binder

Schwarzer Rucksack mit Gesetzestexten daneben auf einem Tisch

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