Crete, a lovely Greek island

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Visiting Crete was absolutely lovely and I could have stayed for much longer. Read about breathtaking beaches, great third wave coffee spots and amazing food. Vacationing on this Greek island was pure bliss!

A long weekend in Budapest

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Hungary’s capital is really a city to see. It was so fun spending the few days with my friends by exploring the streets in Pest, visiting the Buda side and the castle, relaxing in an amazing historical spa and just having a good time. With lots of food.

A long weekend in Riga

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Riga was never really on my travel bucket list, but how come? The cute capital in Latvia made my heart happy right away: cozy alleys, good coffee, many parks and even close to the beach.

I will be a lawyer for human rights

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Just thinking about being a lawyer for human rights soon in the future is enough motivation for the second semester of my Law Masters. But this article is all about the first semester, which I actually survived. With many sleepless nights, but also many joys.

A weekend in London

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My weekend trip to London to visit my friend Sarah was pure bliss. We ate good (vegan) food, had Afternoon Tea, strolled around the city and enjoyed a good time together.

Julia and her passion for sewing

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Julia has a very special passion for fashion. She sews all her cloths herself. It all started when she was a little girl and she picked it back up a few years ago, because it was so much fun to her. By now, it’s not just fun but also an expression of sustainability and avoiding exploitation of sewers in the fashion industry.

Authentic blogging

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Blogging is supposed to be fun. And hopefully not just for a while, but for all times to come. What does it mean, to be under pressure? It’s important to stay as authentic as a blogger as you were in the beginning, even if it’s hard.

Fast Fashion vs. Fair Fashion

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It’s hard to believe. But sometimes, your life can change in one single day. That’s exactly what happened to me last week, at least to my understanding and handling of fashion. Sometimes it only takes one 90 minutes film about Fast Fashion and Fair Fashion that changes you a whole lot…

1 Day in Potsdam

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One day in Potsdam can hardly get any better. It feels like being in another century once you visit the Sanssouci castle. And getting some good coffee later on was just lovely!

A few days in Copenhagen

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You are going to be in Copenhagen for a few days? This short travel guide through Copenhagen will show you the best coffee places, vegan food places and some good beer bars. There are also many free things to do in Copenhagen.

Working odd hours is fine

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Working as a freelancer gives you quite a few advantages. In some ways, you can really enjoy a higher level of freedom. Some people don’t understand the whole truth about freelancing, though. Because the freedom you get is not unlimited…

Fresh Icecream

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I scream for WOOP WOOP Icecream! So fresh because the ice cream is frozen with liquid nitrogen right in front of your eyes and it only contains the freshest ingredients. Cool thing? You can pick out your favorite ingredients or get one of the suggested combinations!

“Monday Morning Me Time”

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Being self-employed isn’t always easy. Having a good plan doesn’t only help, it also takes away a lot of stress and lifts a burden of your shoulders. My “Monday morning me time” helps with the planning but also with enjoying to work as a freelancer.

Spring in Berlin

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Long, warm days, ice-cream creations, blooming bushes. Everyone has been waiting for it and now it’s here: Spring in the big city!

Not just nature, also the people seem to brighten up a little!

Traveling with your sibling

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Family vacation is just for little kids? Definitely not!

Traveling with your sibling, especially when you are both grown-up, is really valuable. It makes your bond stronger and is so much fun!

Crunchy Granola Recipe

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Too bad there isn’t more delicious granola out there in Germany. But with this delicious recipe from America, you will start liking granola, too, once you made it yourself.

Crunchy and with sweet fruits – what a yummy mix!

Shopping without packaging

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Shops that you don’t even want to leave again, exist in real life. The Original Unverpackt supermarket is not just sustainable, it’s also a very convenient alternative.

There are so many products from liquids to solid products. And you can chose the exact amount that you want to buy.

Packing list for backpacker trips all around the globe

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Packing suitcases or backpacks is often one of the challenging things when going on vacation. But it can be quite easy if you have the right packing list.

My packing list is for backpacking trips all around the globe. I always pack the most important things but a little bit of luxury should not be missed, like taking a good book or a nice outfit with you. I hope you can use this packing list for your next trip!

Travel as a part-time tourist

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What exactly does it mean to be a part-time tourist? It’s simple. When you travel, you kind of have to see tourist places because these usually tell a lot about the place you visit. But always make sure to get the true local experience as well!

Solar Eclipse 2015

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You don’t always have to travel far to gaze at wonderful nature. Sometimes it happens all here, right where you are. The solar eclipse 2015 was good proof for that. Natural phenomenons can be so fascinating.

And all that happened within an “oh so normal day”.

“Difret” and girls in Ethiopia

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A lot of people have heard of the female genital mutilation and the problems that follow. But we really don’t hear a lot about the bride kidnapping, the marriage by abduction and the brutal raping of mostly young girls. This traditional custom happens in many places on earth, for example in Ethiopia.

With the publication of “Difret”, this cruel happening is making it’s way into the movie theaters and spreading awareness.

3 weeks through New Zealand

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In 3 weeks we made it around the southern island of New Zealand. Not a too busy schedule through the rainforest, driving by beaches one can dream of, seeing mighty glaciers and feeling the soft sand while you jump into the ocean.

New Zealand is covered with nature beauties. And if you don’t spend too much time thinking about all the tourists (especially on the west coast), you can really enjoy the silence of the country.

Traveling to Addis Abeba

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This article reflects my experiences and impressions from my stay in Ethiopia. The focus is on Addis Abeba. The capital has much to offer – it’s a special place!

If you think about traveling to Ethiopia, read this article and remember one or the other tip.

In 7 Tagen einmal um Island

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Durch ein Angebot von Iceland Air haben wir 7 Tage auf Island verbracht – eine unvergesslich kalte, aber sehr schöne Woche. Island bietet neben Regen nämlich die schönste Natur, die ich jemals gesehen habe!

Lese von unserer Woche auf der Insel und hole Dir ein paar Tipps und interessante Facts rund um Island.

Tansania – Das Ende einer langen Reise

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Im Kilimanjaro Orphanage Centre hatte ich mit die schönsten Wochen meiner Reise als Entwicklungshelferin durch Afrika.

Du kannst in diesem Artikel mehr über Geburtstage im Waisenhaus und verschiedene Kunst Projekte lesen, aber auch lernen, wie viel Gemüse 60 Kinder in einer Woche verschlingen!

Ein buntes AIDS Waisenhaus am Fuße des Kilimanjaro

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Nun hat das letzte Kapitel begonnen. Nach einigen Monaten in Afrika sind wir nun in Tansania angekommen. Hier in Moschi arbeiten wir eigentlich rund um die Uhr – auch am Wochenende – mit wundervollen Waisenkindern.

Lest in meinem Artikel, was die Arbeit so besonders macht! Schon jetzt weiß ich eines sicher: Das wird ein schwerer Abschied!

Kenia: Viel Arbeit im kleinen Timau

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Meine Abenteuer in Kenia! Hier erfahrt Ihr alles über meinen anstrengenden Arbeitseinsatz zwischen Bäumen, Rotznasen und Sportunterricht in Timau, einem kleinen Ort in Kenia.

Die Arbeit hat sehr viel Spaß gemacht, so waren die Laufstrecken von 15 km pro Tag nur halb so schlimm 🙂

Walking und Jeep Safari im Massailand

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In diesem Artikel möchte ich Euch über mein Safari Abenteuer in Tanzania berichten.

Neben wunderschönen Tieren in freier Wildbahn haben wir auch unvergessliche Stunden mit den gastfreundlichen Massai verbracht.

Eine Safari, die ich jedem nur empfehlen kann!

Englisch – Hilfe in Äthiopien

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Je länger man Englisch unterrichtet, desto deutlicher wird das Defizit hier in Äthiopien. Lese mehr über unsere Hilfe in Schulen in Addis und in anderen Teilen Äthiopiens.

Außerdem kannst Du auch mehr über unser Leben hier in Addis erfahren!

Äthiopien – zurück in der Vergangenheit

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Alles ist hier anders: Die Preise, das Klima, das Essen, die Leute und vor allem die Sprache. Mit den mangelnden Englisch-Kenntnissen kaempfen wir jeden Tag bei unserer Arbeit in den Schulen in Addis Abeba!

Eine interessante Hauptstadt… und wir sind schon auf den Rest des Landes gespannt!

Bitter sweet Goodbye. Yen k) Ghana!

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Die Zeit vergeht so schnell, aber über meinen ersten Einsatz als Entwicklungshelferin könnte ich nicht stolzer oder glücklicher sein! Die Arbeit bei SCEF macht unendlich viel Spaß und die Kultur noch und noch mehr kennen zu lernen, sowieso.

Ich kann nur sagen: Ghana, ich werde zurück kommen. Hoffentlich früher, als später 🙂

Maaha w) Ghana

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Meine Arbeit bei SCEF hinterlässt in Ghana immer mehr Spuren und die Kinder geben mir so langsam das Gefühl, dass sie mich wirklich brauchen.

Unsere Erfahrungen und Abenteuer außerhalb des Arbeitens sind aber auch einzigartig, wie z.B. die Reise zu den höchsten Wasserfällen Ghanas.

Akwaaba in Ghana

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Meine Arbeit als freie Entwicklungshelferin fängt hier in Ghanas Hauptstadt an. Es ist ein tolles Gefühl, das 4. Mal in Accra zu sein und bei Street Children Empowerment Foundation vor Ort mithelfen zu können.

Schon nach den ersten 2 Wochen gibt es einiges zu berichten!

Der Countdown läuft…

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Nun ist es nicht einmal mehr eine Woche, bis ich gemeinsam mit Philipp in den Flieger nach Afrika steigen werde.
Ich hatte mir zu Beginn immer gedacht, dass es sich ja “nur mal wieder um einen Besuch in Afrika” handelt. Aber so langsam realisiere auch ich, dass wir tatsächlich 6 Monate weg sein werden.